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Nuwave PIC2 Induction Portable Cooktop

The Nuwave Induction Cooktop 2 As Seen On TV

The Nuwave Induction Precision Cooktop is a complete energy saving solution.

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 is a game changing portable induction cooktop that makes this cutting edge cooking technology safe, convenient and best of all, very affordable for the many families.

Many of us would like to find ways to make home cooked meals in a more efficient and healthier way. Now with today's technology of infrared-induction cooking technology this is possible. The Precision Induction Cooktop makes cooking drastically easier and saves time and money.

The NuWave PIC2 can do the thinking for you. It offers you state-of-the art programming technology with many hours of memory that allow you to prepare real complex recipes with ease. A "Delay" function allows you to initiate cooking when it's most convenient for you, including an automatic shutoff function when cooking time is completed. 

There are many advanced features of the new PIC2 induction oven by nuwave. You can prepare healthy, tasty meals withess even less effort. The PIC2 thinks for you. Recall and save your favorite cooking settings.
Sit Back & Relax with the simple press of a button, your meal is done in no time at all. 

Only 3 Payments of $33.33 Buy 1 Get 1 Free

21 Day Diet and Fitness Plan by Beachbody - 21 Day Fix

Lose weight by following a simple diet and fitness plan. Easy to follow colored coded plastic containers.

It's not just another diet plan. In fact, it's merely the contrary. 21 Day Fix makes consuming healthier portion side foods and fitness so basic, anybody could get excellent results. It is very easy to follow.

With 21 Day Fix there's no counting, no thinking, and no surprise. Simply easy-to-follow section on food intake and also one 30-minute exercise each day. That's all. How simple!

Visit the 21 Day Fix™ Official Site - Easy To Follow Workouts & Nutrition Plan

Beginning seeing and feeling progress instantly! This quick start quick guide and exercise schedule teaches you just exactly how basic it is to achieve your weight-loss goals.

In 21 days, you can be beach-body-ready for that swimsuit if you decide.

21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight if you follow the simple laid out plans.

Forget ounces, cups, and calories. Simple equals success when it comes to shedding weight. These seven color-coded containers and Shakeology hand cup deliver specifically the appropriate sections each time, so you never ever eat excessive or insufficient. Fill them up with as much meals as you desire-- if it matches, you could eat it!

Stop losing time on diets that do not work. There's a better means to slim down. It's called 21 Day Fix. And also it makes weight-loss so simple, you can finally escape the diet plan catch and see outcomes fast.

Order the 21 Day Fix for Only 3 Payments of $19.95

Flex Belt Amazing Abs Toning Belt

Flex Belt Strengthen, Tighten and Tone Your Abs!

The Flex Belt  includes GelPads which are placed on your abs to help tone that area. When turned on and placed on your stomach area it will send out electric signals through the GelPads to the nerves and muscles which will be able to cause contractions. You should be able to reach those muscles that can’t be reached by conventional ab exercises.

Did you know the Flex Belt harnesses the effectiveness and power of a technology that has been used in sports medicine and physical therapy for some time. But now, with Flex Belt, and it's technology is available to the consumer. You now can also take advantage of EMS technology.

The Flex Belt is safe and easy to use when you follow the instructions that comes with this abs belt.
The Flex Belt is one of the first Ab Belt Toning system that has been cleared by the FDA for firming, toning and strengthening of the stomach muscles. With this abs belt you should be able to train your abs even if you're are tired or short on time. Just slip on the extremely comfortable toning abs and allow it to stimulate the nerves that make your muscles contract and relax. As a result, you should get an effective abdominal workout that can target all the muscles in your belly and do this in just about 30 minutes a day. 

With each The Flex Belt® purchased you will receive ONE (1) The Flex Belt® with Rechargeable Power and set of Gel Pads, ONE (1) Extension Belt, FREE 30 day access to The Flex Belt® Meal Planner and ONE (1) instruction manual, click for pricing.

Instant 20/20 Dial In Adjustable Glasses

Instant 20/20 glasses are completely customizable so you can adjust the lens per the focus required for each one of your eyes. Try the adjustable lenses that help far and near sightedness. Do you feel lost if you misplace your contacts or glasses? Get a pair of Instant 20/20/ glasses and always have a spare pair on hand.

Instant 20/20 glasses are adjustable and let you dial-in, so you can see clearer instantly! They are like wearing magnifying glasses.

Features & Benefits of the Instant 20/20 Glasses
They are adjustable for near or far sighted and corrects 90% of spherical errors. You can see clearly in just about any situation. They come in 2 stylish colors

These eyeglasses will not correct astigmatism.
The lenses in these eyeglasses are not prescription lenses, but they should still help you to see clearer. Perfect for reading a menu in a restaurant. Or using in the kitchen to read recipes. Also great for watching tv, at sporting events and lounging by the pool.

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